Product Review: H20Go! Water Tetherball

Posted in The Hall Closet
on May 15, 2017

My youngest has a birthday in late April and at his last birthday party, one of his friends gave him the H20Go! Water Tetherball.

I silently thanked the momma who had the foresight to help out with the boredom that would surely ensue on a hot summer day. I also knew that once I broke out the toy that the neighborhood kids would come to have a turn.

I wasn’t wrong.

Side note: I am going to go poor this summer providing popsicles and drinks to the neighborhood kids.

Once I got the tetherball set up it was as I expected.  6 additional kids show up in my yard wanting to play with the ‘really cool’ water toy! I am the momma that loves having my sons and their friends hanging out at my house. I love to love on the littles and lift them up, so if a water toy does that trick then I am all for it.

Here is what we loved about the product: Product Review-

  • It was fairly sturdy
  • My kids were entertained for a long while ( a huge plus for me!)
  • The price point is inexpensive ringing in at 9.99 at Target and other similar stores

Here is what could have been improved:

  • We didn’t own an air pump/compressor that worked on that type of air valve so I had to blow it up manually.
  • The center tether support leaned continually to the side. While we were playing it seemed to always lean to one side.

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